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        Huizhou Desay Automation Technology Co., LTD, is specialized in the R&D and sales of smart factory solution and intelligent equipment. Featured as smart, safe, stable and high precision, Our products include precision optical intelligent equipment, new energy battery intelligent equipment, automotive electronics intelligent equipment, MES and so on. Desay Automation has established R&D base in Shenzhen, manufacturing center in Huizhou, and sales and after-sales service center in East China, providing quality service to customers in Pearl River Delta and Yangtz River Delta regions.
        • In-vehicle Infotainment System

          Smart, Joyful, Connected

          Choice of customers with better quality

          More than 60 major car brands, strict OEM standards

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        • Climate Control

          Comfort, Energy-saving, Eco-Friendly

          Strict 200,000 kilometer road test

          From down south to far north to perform severity test

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        • Driver information display

          Safety, Reliability, Intelligence

          To build safe, reliable and intelligent human machine interaction with leading innovation in driver information display

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        • Display System

          Clarity & Touch Precision, Reliability, Freedom

          Top rated display performance and full screen HD quality

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        • Driver Assistance Systems

          Comprehensive Warning Protection

          360-degree protection

          The combination of various advanced intelligent warning and protection systems

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